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 Redi Foreign Trade Co. SATIM TALEBİ
 TARİH  03/01/2006
 SEKTÖR  Elektrikli ve Elektronik Aletler
 İLGİLİ KİŞİ  Ebru Takım
 ADRES  Bornova Cad. No:12 C blok kat:4/5 Isıkkent- ızmır
 TELEFON  0 (232) 4721813
 FAX  0 (232) 4721815
 E-MAİL  [email protected]
 KAYNAK  Redi Foreign Trade Co.
 KONU  We are a big company located in Izmir-Turkey, operating on foreign trade for 12 years. We have first started with importing worldwide and famous wines and represent them in our country in very effective way. With this succes Redi is the market leader in alcohol dirnks sector and remaining its operations with appreciaton. In addition to this, Red, has started to realized by foreign authorities and with the consistence of them, Redi decided to enter the electronic industry. Now, Redi is on production of car inverters which is the connection cable between he vehicls to tv's , and exporting them especially Scandinavian countries. With the dynamic R&D department of Redi, the new business opportunities were evaluated and taking into consideration that Redi has a great export market, Redi has entered into disposable plastic market by manufacturing plastic spoons, knives, food containers and forks, based on totally foreign trade markets. As a result of expanding export pool, lots of inquiry was made to Redi about fresh and dried fruits such as apricots, peaches, tomatos, mandarins, greyfurts, lemons, etc..In a very short time with the correct investments, Redi has just become one of the biggest dried and fresh fruit producer and exporter. Redi is also one of the biggest women underwear exporter in Turkey. Lots of investments will be made throughout the yar 2006 on textile industry by Redi. With its all business branches, Redi has became a big and profitable group including its educated and trained staff and the young management department with its entrepeneurs. Taking into consideration that Turkey is a low cost production country, the prices will be for companies favor to differentiate them to gain more advantage on competetive basis. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

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